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Postgraduate Degree by BEBS

Specialize within only 6 months!

BEBS Barcelona Executive Business Shcool offers Postgraduate Degrees, designed for those who wish to  upgrade their professional curriculum with high-level training in a variety of business fields. 

Going beyond academic excellence, these programs are taught by some of the best international executives,  who have the ¨know how¨ of doing business internationally.

The students have the opportunity to put their hands on real-world business case studies, have company visits and put into practice all of the skills they acquire. 

Each subject is assessed through continuous assignments, to make sure the study process is dynamic and  practical.

Fast track degree program, that will help you achieve your career goals.

Apply now to receive 25% discount and study for €2550 instead of €3400

We've helped our students to pursue their dreams and go on to accomplish great achievements!

✓ Current and up to date education

✓ Networking opportunities

✓ Empowerment for creating your own business

✓ Truly international study environment 

✓ Modern virtual campus

✓ Study methodologies that match with present and future business demands



BEBS Teaching staff are successful entrepreneurs, executives and specialists who hold top positions in different sectors. They teach because they have passion for passing on their expertise to others, and they strive to offer professional training  that is built upon a realistic view of the current business world. 

Thanks to our star team of teachers, the learning process at BEBS is always an interesting dialogue, with active participation on both sides, be it online studies or on-campus. 

''There’s no time like the present to start''.

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